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Rocco Ciciretti


Financial market models, MSc Finance & Banking, Tor Vergata 

Finanza applicata, CLEMIF, Tor Vergata

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Recent Publications

1. "Fishing the Corporate Socially Responsible Risk Factor" (con Becchetti L. and Dalò A.),  Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 37, pp. 25-48, 2018

2. "The cooperative bank difference before and after the global financial crisis" (con Becchetti, L. and Paolantonio, A.), in Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 69, pp. 224-246, 2016

3. "The Determinants of Household's Bank Switching" (con Brunetti, M. - Djordjevic, L.), Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 26, pp. 175-189, 2016

4. "Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Risk and Idiosyncratic Volatility" (con Becchetti, L. and Hasan, I.), in Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 35, pp. 297-309, 2015

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Department of Economics and Finance & CEIS

Tor Vergata University of ROME